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variety of recycled timber pieces with a photo frame peg board being the main focus, with the word FAMILY in the centre,

Rainbow Earthlings,
119 Magellen Street, Lismore

In 2023, just twelve months after the most catastrophic flood in Australian history, we embarked on a mission to reinvigorate the Lismore CBD by opening up a retail space with the local community in mind. Rainbow Earthlings is your one-stop destination for unique, handcrafted treasures and a shopping experience like no other!

Our shopfront isn't just a store; it's a vibrant hub where creativity thrives, and local talent shines. As the proud owners of Rainbow Earthlings and Man Cave Creative, we have poured our passion into curating a delightful space that's bursting with personality and craftsmanship.

When you step through our doors, you're not just entering a store; you're entering a world of artistry and innovation. Our shop proudly showcases not only our own fantastic range of personalised gifts, but also the creations of a dozen other talented local businesses. From handmade children's clothes to one-of-a-kind home decor pieces, baby accessories, and stunning Indigenous art, our collective of artisans offers something for everyone.

But that's not all – we know that shopping with kids can sometimes/always* (delete as applicable) be a challenge. That's why we've thoughtfully created a free children's play area, where your little ones can have a blast while you shop in peace. It's a win-win for parents and kids alike!

We're a community of local makers, a haven for creativity, and a place where every visit promises new discoveries. So, whether you're searching for the perfect customised gift, want to explore the rich tapestry of local talent, or just need a moment of respite while your kids have fun, we invite you to step into our world.

And for those further afield, check out the amazing local businesses that we are proud to showcase. Over the coming weeks and months, you will also be able to purchase their products via our main Rainbow Earthlings website, allowing you to benefit from combined shipping and a one-stop solution.

Head Office. HQ. The Home. Whatever you want to call it, Rainbow Earthlings is the name above the door and the glue that makes all of this possible. Already legendary in Lismore!

a cream and gold caker with a large rainbow cake topper in the top

Heritage Blankets

A baby blanket treasury filled with stunning lace-edged designs for newborns, infants and toddlers. A unique item to place in your baby’s keepsake box for generations to come.

olive green and cream blanket over the edge of a whicker bassonet, in a cream room

Phil Sutcliffe Photography

Stunning, nature-based, photographic prints from the heart of the Northern Rivers and beyond. Vivid colours, dramatic scenes and eye-catching focus; guaranteed to add wow-factor to any room.

dramatic black and white coastel scene with sharp rocks and cloudy sky

Lines By Vic

Textured Art & Workshops. A totally unique way to brighten up any room. With paint your own options for kids and workshops for adults, why not put your creativity to the test too?

pastel rainbow coloured textured art piece in the shape of a sun, in a wooden frame and with foliage in the foreground

Maddie & Me

Quality products for babies, toddlers and mothers. Safety certified dummy chains, teething toys and more. Non-toxic and eco friendly; everything you could need from pregnancy to the toddler years.

trio of childrens teething toys in bloue, green and beige. Wooden rings with the words maddie and me

Shantele Ianna Art

Art to connect your little ones with nature. That is beautiful, educational & fun, inspired by Australia's unique wildlife. Flashcards, vibrant digital prints, vinyl stickers and the ever-popular scavenger hunt!

animal alphabet print in a frame on a white white and accompanied by two light-up grey stars

Val Smith Art

Having started painting after the tragic Lismore floods in 2022, Val's stunning prints all tell their own individual story. Inspired by family and the environment, everything is painted from the heart.

smiling indigenous ladt holding a red piece of painted art, standing in a field with grass and trees

Little Bears Growl

Dresses, baby harem pants, shorts, bummies, cot sheets and the incredible hand-stitched bows. Prints for every occasion, you'll be wishing they were all available in adult sizes too!

close up of a baby's shorts with multi-coloured easter eggs printed. real easter eggs are in the background with a wooden plaque

Art With Nunj

More than art! Bright, bold and beautiful digital prints lovingly created by a Bundjalung gal on Widjabal Wiabal land. A statement piece like nothing you have seen before!

close up of a digital print showing a platypus on a green and blue background with bubble-like patterns and the word  JUNBUNG

Billie Jade Designs

A small handmade sewing boutique, specialising in children's clothing and producing incredible one-of-a-kind pieces. Unique prints, all seasons, incredible quality. What's not to love?

close up of a white t-shirt with vegemite, fairy bread, golden gaytimes, milo and lamingtons on the front

Crafted Terrazzo

Natural terrazzo eco resin homewares, gifts, jewellery and so much more. A multitude of styles and colours to suit every taste. And who can forget the incredibly popular workshops?

wavy triple candle holder with tall white candles on a wooden surface. plant pot with leaves in the foreground

Buddha Nappies

Inspired by a passion for slow, calm and gentle living, the one-size-fits-all cloth nappies are kind to the skin, environmentally friendly and come in the most incredible range of prints and colours.

close up of a baby's bottom wearing a cloth nappy with a blue space theme.

Seasonal & Pop-Up Suppliers

Alongside our amazing team of suppliers, we also recognise the importance of limited edition pieces, seasonal items and one-off products. We therefore have a commitment to the region to always be on the look-out for something special and welcome suggestions as to what you would like to see. As we continue to expand the retail space, this will become more important than ever and is something we are incredibly excited to be able to evolve and cherish in conjunction with the Lismore community.

two ouchie pouchie packs, brightly coloured with fabric hearts
close up of a handmade pastel rainbow earring being held by two fingers
a lego pirate and lego shark stood on a lego boat with a printed ocean background
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