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“He’s not the Messiah.”

It's not cool and it's not sexy, but our buzz word for Christmas 2023 is SUSTAINABILITY. Everywhere you look at this time of year it is plastic, plastic, plastic. Resulting in landfill, landfill, landfill.

We get it. We've been as guilty as the next person, popping into K-Mart, Big W and co and being mesmerised by the flashing lights, musical Santas and giant snow globes. And whilst there is certainly a place for some of those (especially the decorations that can be used again next year), it's the quick disposable pieces that have the biggest impact.

We're not the messiah (casual, slightly misquoted, Monty Python reference for you) and we're not going to pretend that we are able to change the world, but we like to think that we can at least play our part.

The last six months have been spent working out what we can do and it turned out that it was right in front of us in the first place. RECYCLED TIMBER!

We already have our successful range, so why not just extend that for Christmas?

Table-top candles, gift tags, tree decorations, stocking fillers, family keepsakes and gifts galore. All from sustainable, ethical and natural local resources.

And, don't forget, all can be completely customised. How amazing would it be, 10-15yrs down the line, if you could pass those family items over to your adult child, as they spend their first Christmas in their own home. You can't ask for better memories than that!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to click through to our full range of rustic recycled pieces today and do your bit for the future of this region, country and planet. But before you do that, let us know below what you love most about Christmas.

What do you love most about Christmas?

  • 0%Family Time

  • 0%No Work / Holidays

  • 0%Presents & Gifts

  • 0%Awesome Food

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